Hospital Plaza

This old and empty  seminary was really huge. To be able to enter this unseen, we went very early to climb over the fences, search a way into the building under the cover of darkness. We then had to wait more than an hour for the light to be strong enough to take photo’s, thankfully the church had enough chairs still standing.

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  1. Hank Lindsey says:

    What an amazing building. I wish there were more of a concerted global effort to preserve, restore, and reuse these wonderful old buildings. I live in a city, Los Angeles, where so many older buildings are gone — even neighborhoods! There is a standing joke (not so funny), that if it is over fifty years old, tear it down! Naturally, many of the great buildings from the ’20s & ’30s have passed their “shelf” lives, so they are sadly long gone. However, what is interesting is the encroachment of the “mini mansions” –threatening the continuity and stability of post WWII ranch-style tract homes. What little help I can offer would be to a regional area of the country, probably in the South, where I am originally from. It is time to “put my money where my mouth is” and to do something concrete. The problem is, there are so many areas that need urgent attention. Thank you! Hank

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