Chateau P12

This little chateau was hidden in a forest, on a small island. While visiting it was hunting season, and all around the castle you could hear shots. We had to wait until the hunt was over to leave this lovely castle.

Brouwerij de Hoorn

The brewery for Stella Artois. Started in 1923, this old brewery is currently reconverted into a place you can rent for parties, meetings and weddings. At the time of shooting these photo’s, it was abandoned.

Hospital Plaza

This old and empty  seminary was really huge. To be able to enter this unseen, we went very early to climb over the fences, search a way into the building under the cover of darkness. We then had to wait more than an hour for the light to be strong enough to take photo’s, thankfully…


This blast furnace was being demolished, so I was just in time to visit this giant location.

Theatre des Reines

This former theatre was on my to-visit-list for a long time. Already tried to get in once, this time it worked. Too bad works were already started, so some cables and floor protection were ruining some shots. ‎

Master of Steel

This factory makes/refurbish steel roles used in steel production. Only closed recently, and with live current on almost everything! Photos:

Ferme st Valentine

Visited this crumbling farm a few months ago. Parts of it al already collapsed and very dangerous. How that roof is still standing up on only two rotten beams is a small miracle, and that won’t last long. Inside you could trace fallen roof parts all the way into the cellar…. Other parts of this…

Pritzner fac

In the middle of a large Belgian city, this old college is an unexpected thing to find. Guarded by a 5 metre high gate and a second 2 meter high gate, this location can be quite difficult to enter. Even the main building itself was complete sealed-off. So I went in thru a coal dump…

Return of the King

Not a lot of photo’s of this castle, just as I started taking pictures, the owner was shouting from outside… So I had to find a way to escape. He never saw me 😉   More images can be seen here:

The Chapel

This chapel was a protestant church in a part of Germany that is now Poland. After the war this chapel was left to rot, probably because it was protestant (and polish are mostly catholics) and Poland had a communist government.