Brouwerij de Hoorn

The brewery for Stella Artois. Started in 1923, this old brewery is currently reconverted into a place you can rent for parties, meetings and weddings. At the time of shooting these photo’s, it was abandoned.


This blast furnace was being demolished, so I was just in time to visit this giant location.

Master of Steel

This factory makes/refurbish steel roles used in steel production. Only closed recently, and with live current on almost everything! Photos:

Ferme st Valentine

Visited this crumbling farm a few months ago. Parts of it al already collapsed and very dangerous. How that roof is still standing up on only two rotten beams is a small miracle, and that won’t last long. Inside you could trace fallen roof parts all the way into the cellar…. Other parts of this…

Pritzner fac

In the middle of a large Belgian city, this old college is an unexpected thing to find. Guarded by a 5 metre high gate and a second 2 meter high gate, this location can be quite difficult to enter. Even the main building itself was complete sealed-off. So I went in thru a coal dump…

Return of the King

Not a lot of photo’s of this castle, just as I started taking pictures, the owner was shouting from outside… So I had to find a way to escape. He never saw me 😉   More images can be seen here:

Rusty Dusty

This was huuuuuge. Walked like 15 km only to see everything in this factory. Mostly empty, but did find some nice photo-ops. Special metal wires were made here.


A few weeks ago Anya asked if I would like to visit this location. This pig slaughterhouse was impressive. It did make me think for a moment seeing the scale of this, but I still like some meat though. Some people told me this was only a small factory, so there are even bigger slaughterhouses active.…

Mr Benz

Visited this abandoned factory a few years ago. This has been abandoned for more than 60 years. Now part of the roof is coming down. They used to make tiles and cinema chairs, and I suspect that the owner lived here too. The name of the location comes from the old Mercedes that used to be…